The Chalukyas of south Konkan as gleaned through the inscriptions

The Chalukyas of south Konkan as gleaned through the inscriptions

Historicity Research Journal, online, Volume 2 | Issue 6 | Feb 2016, ISSN:- 2393-8900, Impact Factor : 0.4521 (UIF)

The quest to search for the Chalukyas of South Konkan began when I noticed three photographs of copper plates labelled as ‘the Donation of the Shilaharas’ in the book ‘असे घडले ठाणे’ by Daud Dalvi. He has not provided any details and provenance of these copper plates in his book. It intrigued me more as the date visible on one of the plate was shaka era 1182. Apparently, it was not possible as this was the year when Shilahara King Someshvara issued the Chanje Rock Edict (shaka era 1182) and sometimes after this date the Shilaharas of North Konkan were annihilated by the Yadava king Mahadeva. Chanje Rock Edict is the last known inscription of this dynasty. There is no news or publication of any Rock Edict of the Shilaharas beyond this date so far. The Panhale Copper Plate issued by King Mallikarjuna dated shaka era 1073 is the last known Copper Plate edict of this dynasty. As such the copper plates labelled by Daud Dalvi as “Donation of the Shilaharas” necessitated a critical investigation.

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