Emergence & Evolution of Cāndrasēnīya Kāyastha Prabhū as a Caste: An Epigraphical Assertion

The word ‘caste’ is derived from the Latin word ‘castus’. However, such simple explanation is insufficient to understand the complexity involved in the growth and evolution of the caste system on a pan Indian level. Indian Caste system is an elaborate and complex social system which has evolved over centuries. It combines a synthesis of elements of endogamy, occupation, social class and tribal affiliation.

In the present paper the emergence and evolution of the ‘Cāndrasēnīya Kāyastha Prabhū’ caste will be examined with the help of the epigraphical sources. All the three words that constitute the name of the caste will be evaluated separately.

Please clink on the link to download the paper

Rupali Mokashi


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