Panvel Copper Plate of Śilāhāra King Chittarāja (Śakē 947)

The facsimile of only one copper plate was published in a very brief article in the Itihāsa Patrikā titled ‘Panvel Plates of Chittarāja (Śaka year 947)’ by Dr. Ravindra Ramdas. These copper plates were handed over to him by Pandit Gajanan Shastri Joshi of Panvel on 16th October 1983. Dr. Ramdas revealed in a conversation that there were three plates, loose without the seal strung around and much effaced. He however selected only this plate to be photographed as it contained most relevant information, according to him. He is silent about any other details such as their physical dimensions, script and language used and other customary details. Unfortunately neither the original copper plates nor any photo images are traceable anymore except the present photocopied image.

A brief note of these plates was taken by Shri. Shashikant Dhopate in his article published in ‘Kalakaustubh’ I have deciphered the only available facsimile and analyzed its contents.

Please visit the link to download the article




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