Gaddhegal: The Ass Curse Stele Tradition of Ancient Maharashtra

Inscriptions constitute a significant source to understand and reconstruct history of ancient India . Gaddhegal or the Ass Curse Stele is a peculiar type of rock edict. It was known as ‘gadhedagalay’ and ‘gadhedagal’ in Gujarat and Mawla respectively and was prevalent as far as Orissa. Rulers of various dynasties like the Chalukayas, Shilaharas of North Konkan and later by succeeding dynasties like the Yadavas, Bahamani and Vijayanagara (Sangama) issued the ass curse edicts in Maharashtra.

This paper will try to analyze the meaning and antiquity of the Gaddhegal stele and elaborate upon the newly discovered Gaddhegal stelae at various places like Pimpalwadi (Girgaum), Valshinda, Kiravali, Akaloli, Varasoli in Maharastra.

MARG, Volume 66, No.1, September 2014, ISSN:  0972-1444

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