Rekindling the History of Śilāhāras of North Kokaṇa as Gleaned Through the Recent Epigraphical Revelations

 Recipient of the Justice K. T. Telang Research Fellowship awarded by the Asiatic Society of Mumbai for the research project on “Rekindling the History of Shilaharas of North Kokan as gleaned through the recent Epigraphical Revelations” (2013-2014)

The Śilāhāras of North Kokaṇa originated as a feudal clan of the Rāṣṭrakuṭas during the reign of King Govinda III. Forty two donative Copper Plates and Rock edicts that were issued by various Śilāhāras Kings spanning a period from śaka era 765 – śaka era 1182 have been instrumental in understanding history of this dynasty. When A S Altekar published his monograph ‘The Shilaharas of Western India’ in 1934 five copper plates and six stone inscriptions belonging to this house were published. Still he expressed his satisfaction by saying ‘… its history can be given more fully than that of the Śilāhāras of Southern Konkan.’ In 1977, MM. V V Mirashi published the comprehensive Volume VI of the Corpus Inscriptinum Indicarum critically analyzing forty two copper plates and rock edicts of this dynasty.

 An attempt is made in this research work to decipher, compile and analyze various copper plates and rock edicts published by me thereafter.

  1. Kalyan Copper Plates of King Chhittaraja (1019 AD)
  2. Panvel Copper Plate of King Chhittaraja (1025 AD)
  3. Thane Copper Plates of Mahakumara Keshideva (1120 AD)
  4. Panhale Copper Plate of King Mallikarjuna (1151 AD)
  5. Kiravalī Rock Edict of King Anantdeva III (1248 AD)

Quarterly of Bharat Itihas Samshodhak Mandal, Pune, Volume 90, No. 1-4, July 2013-April 2014.


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